Friday, January 11, 2008

Kinky Robot Sex makes the world go 'round

Alright, so apparently an Artificial Intelligence expert recently wrote a book that argues that humans and robots could be having sex in as early as forty years.

Wow, really? Like, who's surprised? Humans have sex with anything they can. There are more documented cases of bestiality than any society would care to admit. Human sexual behavior is so deviant that religion was developed in part to safeguard against it. It only stands to reason that once robots are contributing members of society, there will be humans who will fall madly in love with them and have wild and beautiful sex that the global media will come all over with journalistic fervour.

The real question is what the human-robot relationship is going to be. Are we talking about creating conscious, thinking, caring, creative beings - and then using them as sex toys that we can reprogram at our will? Isn't that going backwards?

The Nazis took the prettiest girls from the concentration camps for their soldiers' brothels.

Or we could be talking about something similiar to what we have today, maybe with impoverished robots selling themselves, or possibly robots designed as porn stars.

Maybe we'll have gigantic tentacle robot monsters that go apeshit and have sex with every girl in the vicinity like in some animes.

The point is that we're tinkering with really powerful magic here, and we really should think about the actual possibilities before charging gungho into the abyss. Once robots come all over human society's face they're going to be here to stay, so we should do this right the first time.