Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Let us hypothesize the future of me

Planet Space

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, listen up! All you consumers, all you canadians, all you sci-fi geeks, we are about the enter the space age. No, really. Check the link above. Of course, I myself or anyone else I know won't be able to afford it, but by the time we're 30 the price should be reduced significantly. The true question is how one can get their foot in such a door; imagine, you could be a space pilot. Of course, this requires (among other things) jet engine training and that means the Air Force, which it would take me prob. 4 years of detox before I could pass the urine sample. Not to mention the military kinda sucks the dick in the face of the new style of warfare (one murder-intent-idiot with explosives can do far more damage than ten soldiers.) I wonder if one can get private training... NAIT, you listening?

Perhaps a better solution would be to study rocketry, something I have a growing interest in anyway. As the space tourism industry begins to flourish, the fuel and materials will (hopefully) drop in price. Perhaps I'm just fantasizing, though.

Still, a Canadian based private space program. How cool is that?

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