Wednesday, October 19, 2005

WARNING: Marijuana Grow Ops are in YOUR neighborhood!

Anyone else in Edmonton get a how to foldout on marijuana grow ops? It explains ways you could spot a grow op and inform the police.

Allow me to give you a brief summary of the history of marijuana according to myself (I of course, being as biased and logically incorrect . Following the second male culling of the early 20th century (also known as World War I, it was a particularly large clensing of the gene pool.) there was a rather drastic social change. Having basically kept the countries operating while the men gleefully trotted off to slaughter, and the men having nearly all died, weren't able to really take over when they came back. Consequentially, the housewife, likely the most abused social group in history, were suddenly given a say in the determination of government all throughout the western capitalist imperium. These are people who bore first witness to drunken idiots coming home and beating them nightly, children destroy themselves under the influence of their fathers, and other such ghastly horror stories. So, they want changes. Changes such as prohibition. Fear of minorities lead to marijuana being added to the list of banned medicines and soon everything was illegal. And then the stock market crashed. Since then, the government has been informing us that marijuana leads to insanity, rape parties, swollowing glass, severe brain trauma and the like. It is ironic that despite all the claims by the government, more people are smoking pot now than ever. We're probably outdoing the hippies (although they get points for the free flowing acid.) I could probably count the number of people I know who haven't tried pot on my elbows. Not everyone is a chronic, but it seems like it's everywhere.

In the last five years, a rather un-publicized ruling was made by the Supreme Court of Alberta (if I recall the article right.) This was that a person should not be jailed for the cultivation of marijuana because the persecution of marijuana users is unconstitutional. Just like persecuting homosexuals and blacks. No one has challenged the ruling. What this means, legally, is that marijuana grow ops are LEGAL. The only thing they can actually get people who grow pot for are stealing electricity and water/mold damage. So I agree; marijuana should not be cultivated commercially indoors, it should be out in the fields, as free as free can be.

Not to mention it'd save tax dollars. Come on, who's the greedy Albertan? COME ON!

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