Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We've been Conned!

Well, we went and did it. We split the vote on the left, confident the liberals were no more. But nooo, they still got 30% of the vote. So while apparantly only some of the liberals were miffed, they weren't as fucked as everyone believed. Fancy that.

Anyway, what a surprise, we now have a Con government. That's right, the party that one year ago was pushed down our throats by the corporate media; the party that was soundly rejected by the more sane voting population because of appearances by candidates at anti-abortion rallies and comments by their dipshit, creepy leader about how the presence of the Canadian military could have somehow turned the tide in the war in Iraq and forced Saddam to surrender, as well as Harper's utterly bigotted stance on homosexuality. But, one year later, utterly lamblasted with sponsorship scandal bullshit, canadians voted conservative in enough numbers to put Harper in the driver's seat, although luckily in a minority.

The conservatives have no plans for dealing with enviromental damage currently being delivered by our consumer demands. If anything, they are likely to sabotage the efforts of enviromentalists in all sectors. The fact of the matter is that we cannot count on this government to work towards any functional goals for a society that doesn't stand poised to use everything up. One of the local cons, Peter Goldring, believes that any solar panel project would have to occur at the expense of natural landscapes. For the uninformed, such as Peter Goldring, solar panels work best on or as close to the area in which they are powering, like the roof of a building.

This government will undoubtedly attempt to crack down on internet piracy, despite the impossibility of prosecuting the near whole of modern civilization. It will also likely at least contemplate an increase in sentences for marijuana.

On the grander pissoff scale, however, is that, despite capturing 7% of the vote, the Green party failed to capture a seat. I cannot help but feel partly responsible. But now, with Anne out of our riding, there's room for a new Lefty to combat the facist evil that pervades all democracy, like a cruel mother octopus, to enter the ring and fight for all that is good and green, like a loving mother bird.

So decide what concerns you, research the issue and decide where you stand, and do it fast. This government will (hopefully) be dissolved before the year is out.

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