Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Neo Nazis assult cool guy; R.I.P Beach House

Edmonton Sun Article

I'm good friends with Pat. We smoked a lot of weed together. We've had some really awesome times. I've also had a great relationship with this particular house, my current girlfriend lived there when I met her, and my friend Pat lived there up until last night.

Now, according to him, he was assaulted by Neonazis before the home was firebombed. They knocked on his door and began to question his Soviet Flag in the window, and then forced their way in and proceeded to break a number of his blues CDs, calling it "Nigger Music", and scratched a swastika into his stereo. They made him take down the flag and busted up a number of his instruments. Later, after the firebombing, everything was lost.

But he has survived. Therefore, this act of hate has failed. I am now in the market for a Soviet flag to wave gloriously in defiance of these assholes. Anyone with me?

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Rymanizzle said...

What can I say, I love all your shizzy doo. I agree with almost all of it.


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