Saturday, March 18, 2006

More war stuff

Well, I have been quite entertained by myself and my own blindness over the last months. Like most people in this country, I fell for the same cultural illusion that, since Canadian troops were not in Iraq, Canada was not involved in President Bush II's crusade. But of course, we were in Afghanistan since the beginning, first as "Peacemakers." But somewhere along the line, we ended up invading some insurgent territory, also known as people who don't want foreign rule and have united under a ferocious warlord in terror. So we've been fighting the war on terror, and in the process terrorizing people to unite under warlords, and now we're going to take out those warlords by killing those same people we terrorized, who are supposed to be the people the army is there to save.

Harper of course will not discuss this; he won't even examine the issue critically, he simply argues that we must "support our troops." Sound familiar?

The forces' mission is up in Feburary. That's less than a year. We should be discussing this now because it's going to take a long time for all the information to make it through the labrynth of government. We need to know who is benifitting, who is suffering, and what ultimate purpose this is serving, and if any of the logic it is based on makes any sense at all and isn't drawing from the same wealth as the logic of bombing a nation to make them revolt on their leader, for spreading democracy by the point of a gun. The Bush regime continually points out that Iraq is not Viet Nam, and I'll point out that Afghanistan isn't Holland. This is not an allied democracy that was occupied by enemies and we are not necesarilly being interpreted as liberators, and our military is small enough that we really should be considering the lives of Canadian soldiers seriously, and not wasting them on wars that are primarally benifitting Haliburton and oil barons. It is not that we do not respect our forces or want to harm their morale, we don't want their lives wasted needlessly for a war that appears to be more suited to benifitting the billionaire's club than the people who actually make the nation function.

Since Harper so far has already thumbed his nose at the ethics commisioner and is apparantly putting restrictions on his MPs vocal chords, it's becoming pretty clear that his "Moral Authority to Govern" was only a sound byte, and I am really getting sick of being taken for an idiot by government. Clearly the Cons are no different from the Grits, except the Grits are willing to call inquiries sometimes. But then again, we just spent two years pretending we weren't part of the coalition of idiots and we destroyed a government over a scandal that cost us five dollars each, goaded by Harper. So I suppose Harper's view on us is somewhat justified...

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