Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The War on Trolleys

Councilors attacking trolleys

For crying out loud, we replace the trolley fleet in two years. What on earth would we gain by scrapping them and establishing a new system of routes, requiring adminstration costs as well as loss of work hours due to people getting used to the new system. Sure they're old, they cost a bit to maintain, but traffic can easily flow around them.

Putting more fast large vehicles on the road isn't going to solve anything. The traffic still has to stop ever fourty feet or so every five or so minutes. Dumping a couple tons more of diesel fumes a day just so council can budget itself raises is absolutely retarded. I personally would rather know exactly when the bus is coming so I can plan around it. There are way better ways to cut costs in city operations. Let the trolleys finish their job.

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