Wednesday, September 14, 2005

First Comment

Okay, I guess I decided to start up a blog. Spur of the moment. Really.

So okay, I'm supposed to impart wisdom and such, right? Well, lemme think...

Most people don't understand that you have complete control over your thoughts. Well, sort of. You have the power to be aware of what you think and say, and when you blurt out something that you would prefer not to say, correct yourself. Most people do this automatically, but it is easily appliable to everything. I would recommend you begin by correcting yourself on the word "Hate." There is almost no reason on this earth to hate anyone. Most people don't realize, what you say is what you're thinking at that exact time, and what you think is processed by your brain, which is then extruded throughout your body. Everything is connected.

Seriously, whenever you think or say "I hate etc." Stop yourself and either say or think "No, I don't hate anyone." Superpositives and people not afraid of weird social dillemnas by their peers can alternate "I love eveyone." Do it for a month. You'll see results.

It also helps to breathe properly. Every once in awhile (about three hours or so) give yourself a really deep breath. Do nothing else by breathe for about, say, a minute or two. Very relaxing.

It also helps to remember that every single person sees the world in their own way, and most have had very different lives than you, and have had to develop different personalities to survive. The one thing they have in common is that they are doing what they think is "right".

And lastly, remember that there are infinite solutions to every challenge. Except in Zelda games. And FFC.

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Anonymous said...

My ex-fiance, Betsie, had this thing she called "lack of internal dialogue." She would blurt out things and say what was on her mind. Created some interesting/funny situations.

The problem for me, though, was I would take these as serious statements of her mind and opinion. Oh well.