Thursday, September 15, 2005

On Stupidity

So let's see, the lame word of the day is stupid. People use this word and variations a lot. It's, well, stupid. I've heard the word stupid to describe a wide variety of activities, most of which aren't stupid. Most things are not stupid. What is true is that people have specialized intellects. Due to the conditions one endures (or concieves to endure) and the tasks one feels that they need to learn to please their food providers (usually parents.) These conditions are quite varied, and by adult age these lessons and methods of survival are quite engraned. People raised on TV and Books are not necesarily athletes and the memorization of motor controls is somewhat difficult, and stopping and relaxing and thinking activities through and reading and such is somewhat difficult to those who relied mainly on physical activities to get their "perks" and food. Consequentially, things that occur to some under some circumstanes do not occur to others. Remember, no one sees the world in the same manner; and it's primarally because of this. Our entire minds are the products of everything we've experienced. No one is stupid.

Okay, since we've established that people aren't actually stupid, why are so many people identified as "idiots"? It is because most people attach their egos, that being the part of our mind that we use to interact with the universe ie other people, social roles, dealing with others. Most people say someone else is stupid because they don't agree with them on how to acomplish various tasks. So stop doing that. Every idea is worth a minute of rational analysis. Take time to breathe and think. It helps the head.

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